Low back pain is one the most common ailments, affecting almost everybody at some point in their life. It is often referred to as a slipped disc, lumbago, arthritis and when causing leg pain, it is called sciatica. Up to 75 % percent of people who have suffered with low back pain, may experience recurring back issues.

Back pain is mainly mechanical in nature which means that the pain experienced is due to issues with the moving parts which is why pain is made worse by certain movements or positions you adopt.


While sudden onset of back pain can be caused by an accident or a fall, consequences of postural neglect and repetitive micro loading of the spine remain the most prevalent causes of mechanically induced back pain, affecting up to 80 percent of our population.

BACK PAIN Locations

Pain location can vary between people. Usually the pain is felt in the centre of the back  or one on side of the back near the belt line, this pain can often subside. Subsequent episodes may extend into the buttock, the thigh and the side of the leg and foot. This pain may vary with movement and position.

Other common causes include: Sitting with poor posture, prolonged sitting, sedentary office jobs, prolonged, standing, working in stooped positions, lifting, 
coughing and sneezing,  relaxing after exercise with poor posture, lying and resting.


There are various different presentations of low back pain, depending on which moving part is affected. The moving parts consist of the joints, the intervertebral discs, the muscles and the nerves.

Pain can be felt on one side or both sides of the back.

Pain can radiate into the buttock or the thigh.

Aggravated by prolonged sitting or standing.

Sometimes relieved by light activity such as walking, continuously changing positions or reclining.

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