Headaches affect half the population, occur more often in woman and commonly occur in the 40’s. There are numerous different types of headaches, however a siginficant percentage of all head aches arise from issues in the joints and muscles of the neck. Cervicogenic headaches can be severe and debilitating.


Postural issues, previous trauma, motor vehicle accidents, previous concussion, high levels of sports activity, particular , prevalence in weight lifters.


Patients report experiencing a “deep pain” that can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Other symptoms may include:

Pain can start in the neck and move to the back, sides or front of the head or above the eyes.

Can be felt on one or both sides of the head.

Neck tenderness and stiffness.

Can be referred into one of the arms.

Pain and stiffness of the neck.

Can last hours to days.

Pain can be deep, continuous or fluctuating in nature.

Aggravated by awkward neck postures.

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